I am no one. I am nothing. I am everyone you've ever met.
denver, colorado.
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here you will find what inspires intrigues fascinates perplexes speaks to amuses and captivates me, with the occasional tidbit about my life.

(by Anna Ristuccia)

100 years from now

I am honestly very excited for the summer to be over. I enjoy being back in school, as I am fond of learning new things and have developed a new love for the unity of strangers. My summer internship was stressful and draining and I am not sure how that studio is going to run without the person who was doing 90% of all the physical work (me). I’m also just ready to be done with illustrating this book. It has been great, but trying to work out all the finishing details with someone living in Taiwan is really complicated due to time shifts and the like. Ready for a little normalcy.


The end is in sight, Kowalski
(by Anna Ristuccia)

As I Am | Paper Bird

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